Wednesday, 5 February 2014

ParkRun Time Improvements

ParkRun Time Improvements

So at the beginning of November in a blog post I outlined some training targets (see it here).

That post was written on the back of completing a ParkRun in 31 mins 42 seconds on the 02/11/2013.  I was a bit disappointed in this time because I knew could have done better.  The subsequent weeks  I started to achieve marginally better times.  However, it was only at the end of November that I knocked a few more minutes off my ParkRun finishing time, I got 27 mins 31 seconds on the 30/11/2013.  Then suddenly out of the blue, running along side Jason Blount (who helped with my pace), I smashed my personal best, finishing in 25 mins 31 seconds on the 14/12/2013.   Since then I have gone strength to strength, now into month two of 2014, I have just achieved back to back personal bests of 24:42 and 24:06 respectively.  All of the ParkRun times over the last 12 weeks are shown in the graph below, In the 12 weeks I have managed to knock a whopping 7 mins 35 seconds of my ParkRun time.

My ParkRun finishing times over the last 12 weeks
My improvement in finishing has been attributed to a number of factors.

  • First of all, at 9am on Saturday morning there is an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement from the ParkRun runners, supporters and volunteers.  It is virtually impossible not to push yourself that extra 5% harder.  ParkRun is great for meeting new people and making friends.
  • Secondary, I have started doing regular training.  Thanks to a good friend Jason Blount, he has motivated me to regular training on Thursday evenings and the occasional extra run on other days of the week
  • Thirdly, I have cut out the rubbish food in my diet cutting out most sugary snacks, fizzy drinks... etc.  Since the end of November I have been monitoring my weight via weekly weigh ins and since the 04/12/2014 I have lost 18 lb.
  • Finally,  my father has taken an interest in ParkRun, he has supported me and even taken part in 3 races himself.  This has given me a huge boost.

Some of these have a bigger say in my improvement than others but I think it a combination of all these factors that I have allowed me to complete back to back PBs.  I have been that happy with my overall performance that I decided to answer a question about breakfast and running achievements on the weetabix facebook page.   Little did I know that this result in me receiving a personalised packet of weetabix with my name and ParkRun PB on the front.

Along as the factors above continue there is no reason for me not to continue improving.

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