Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Getting Slimmer

How I lost weight

After spending the summer away in Canada, I returned to Stoke On Trent completely unfit and overweight.  My body physique leans towards endomorph, which means it is easy for me to accumulate body fat.

I have been monitoring my weight for more than 10 weeks, in that time I have managed to lose 20 lb and also dropping a waist size in my clothes.  This period includes the 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year where I didn’t do much exercise and ate loads of rubbish food.  This blog is about changes to my lifestyle which has enabled me to lose weight at a consistent rate of 2 lb per week (see the chart).

Exercise, it is pretty obvious but burning calories helps you to lose weight.  Since November I have been regular doing 2 – 3 runs a week and sometimes even more.  I have been running with some friends at a local running club (Newcastle AC Staffs) and this has been good motivation.  Running with a club means you are less likely to skip training, also I have enjoyed social aspect.  The bonus of running with a club is that there are members with a wealth of experience and they are always happy to give advice.   My running has been combined with a few gym sessions.

Diet, for weight regulation and exercise your diet is probably the most important aspect.  Many people try calorie restricted diets and reaped the awards but for me I couldn’t achieve this.   First of all, if there is one meal that you shouldn’t avoid is your breakfast.  Your breakfast kicks starts your metabolism.  Most mornings I have 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk.  At lunch time I have a whole wheat carb meal, usually involving whole wheat noodles or brown rice.  Also my work involves spending a considerable amount of time in front of the computer.  It is so easy to stuff my face with cake and haribo, also the odd sugary energy drink, but now I graze on salad.   Typically a salad box (my preference is radicchio, lambs lettuce, beetroot, carrot and cucumber) will take me 4 hours to consume.  Salad doesn't contain many calories and I also never feel hungry.  My evening meals consist of a piece of meat with loads of vegetables or noodles (depending on whether I am planning to go on a run in the morning.  I probably stick to this diet regime 5 or 6 days a week.  I have never felt hungry, lethargic nor has my exercise been hindered.  The weight has dropped off and I feel great.

I think grazing on salad during the day instead of cake and haribo is main factor for my weight lost.

Just to summarise my blog on weight loss:
  • Exercise more…. (Joining a club is good motivation)
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Cut out sugary snacks and drinks
  • Graze on salad throughout your day

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