Sunday, 18 December 2011

2011: What an awesome year!

Review and Highlights of 2011

The new year was brought in style hiking in darkness via Pen Yr Ole Wen on the summit of Carnedd Daffyd in time for the midnight.  Although the weather conditions were pretty poor on the summit we (Helen, Katie, Rachel and Carys) enjoyed whiskey and buckfizz on the summit.  On New year's day we decided to brave the winter waters and go for a dip in the sea at cable bay Anglesey.

In January I also went to Glasgow on my own to do a 30min talk on my research at CLAD meeting.  This experience was rather nerving to begin with but an useful experience.  This proved to be a fruitful conference which resulted with contributing to a publication.  Also sad times as Rory and Stacey flew over to the other side of the world to start their New Zealand adventure.

2011 Targets

At the start of the year I set myself a number of targets (
1.      Finish or nearly finish PhD
2.      Better at budgeting my finances
3.      Complete Snowdonia marathon in a respectable time
4.      Cut down on eating out and drinking

So how did I do?

1.      The PhD has proved to be more work than I ever anticipated and probably looking at nearer to March for finishing
2.      After some money issues after some car troubles I have managed to live more sustainably with money even though my stipend had finished.
3.      Snowdonia marathon was completed in 4hrs 2mins which was an incredible achievement
4.      Cutting down on drinking was always going to be difficult however I have managed to be sensible with rarely eating out over the year

Overall I think I have done incredibly well with my start of year targets

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